Children taking HGH

HGH Injections for children

HGH injections were initially given to children to treat the abnormal hormone production in their pituitary glands. The malfunction of the pituitary gland is the result of a medical condition that science wanted to address. Human growth hormone is a natural hormone produced by our bodies so there is no reason to fear that some chemical processes might occur inside the body of a child if he is given a dose of HGH injection. The truth is, studies have shown that HGH injections are very effective if given at an early age, especially before or during the age of puberty.

Parents of children with growth hormone deficiency worry that this condition might affect the quality of life of their children. They think that having a short stature may cause psychological depression in the kids. Some of the causes why children suffer from short stature are Chronic kidney insufficiency, Prader-Willi syndrome and Turner’s syndromefor girls.

In response to this, earlier physicians extracted somatropin or growth hormones from cadavers and turned them into HGH injections to be injected into kids with idiophatic short stature. This and other more advanced studies showed that children treated with HGH injections grew a few inches taller than the control group who were not given the treatment. A specific study even exhibited a 1.4 inch growth rate advantage for those who were treated with HGH injections.

Other Benefits of HGH injections on Kids

Several other studies showed that children who were given HGH injections also experienced improvements in appetite and reduction of body fat. hgh-injectionsSince human growth hormones are responsible for the metabolic processes of the body, the lack of this hormone slows down the functioning of the digestive system. HGH injections speed up the digestive processes and improve the fat-burning capability in kids. This will keep a child from developing obesity, a condition that haunts a lot of kids these days.

Expert Consultation before HGH Treatment

It is best for parents to first consult medical experts to evaluate the condition of their children before they decide on the treatment and dosage. The dosage of HGH injections to be taken depends the serverity of the child’s condition. If your child is suffering from growth hormone deficiency, the treatment may last for a longer period. It may even take up to two years of taking HGH injections. If your child, on the other hand, is not suffering from any GH condition, he can stop the HGH injection treatment after six months. In all cases, it is recommended to administer the HGH injections daily in order to replace the physiological structure of the child at a faster rate. Linear growth and metabolic processes are usually monitored for three to six months.

It is very important that experts be consulted before resorting to HGH injections. And just like all other drugs, HGH injections cannot be taken for a very long time. After all, they can only produce favorable effects on the growth rate of a child up to a certain age. Upon reaching the final acceptable height, HGH injections must be stopped.

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