May 20th, 2013

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Using the R4 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a highly popular handheld gaming console. The console is designed to use cartridges to run different games. These cartridges are distributed and sold by Nintendo and their affiliates. Most of their revenue is derived from the sale of these video games and so they are very vigilant of any piracy issues. Due to the large scale piracy issues that affected the Nintendo DS, Nintendo have been extra careful in handling piracy affecting the Nintendo 3DS. Regular software updates are used to counter-piracy issues by fixing loopholes in the consoles’ security software usually exploited by flash carts.

What are a 3DS Flashcarts?

To run games on the 3DS console you are required to purchase a game cartridge. On the other hand, hackers discovered security loopholes in the Nintendo DS firmware that enables the use of a backup or downloaded copy of a game. All that is needed is a memory card or flash drive and most importantly an adapter that closely resembles a Nintendo 3Ds cartridge. Once a game is downloaded or backed up on the memory card the card is then inserted in the 3DS Flashcarts and then ran as a normal game cartridge.

Some Supported Features on 3DS Flashcarts

Most people use Flashcarts to run pirated games. All you need to do is to download a free game copy over the internet and store it in the memory card; then use the flash cart to run it. Other features of 3DS Flashcarts include, the ability to save and backup files, enabling region free gaming as well as multiple game compatibilities. There are multiple Flashcarts available for purchase depending on your preference when it comes to supported features.

As a great example of how 3DS Flashcarts work, the R4 3DS cards are used to enable among others playing music, movies and videos on the Nintendo 3DS. For those who like retro gaming the card also enables the use of emulators to run retro games from consoles such as Gameboy and Genesis on your portable console. This is a welcome alternative to the limited classic games offered officially by Nintendo. R4 3DS cards are a major hit due to the retro gaming feature that allows many users enjoy retro games that they played in their childhood.

Most 3DS Flashcarts are provided with relevant customer support. This is important especially in keeping up with the constant Nintendo system security updates. This support is designed to ensure that owners of the flash carts continue to enjoy using the cards while at the same time getting updates from Nintendo that are essential for game play. For instance most purchased new games come with an updated version that can render the 3DS Flashcarts unusable; the customer support for the card will update the card’s firmware to enable continued use of the card.

November 10th, 2012

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Children taking HGH

HGH Injections for children

HGH injections were initially given to children to treat the abnormal hormone production in their pituitary glands. The malfunction of the pituitary gland is the result of a medical condition that science wanted to address. Human growth hormone is a natural hormone produced by our bodies so there is no reason to fear that some chemical processes might occur inside the body of a child if he is given a dose of HGH injection. The truth is, studies have shown that HGH injections are very effective if given at an early age, especially before or during the age of puberty.

Parents of children with growth hormone deficiency worry that this condition might affect the quality of life of their children. They think that having a short stature may cause psychological depression in the kids. Some of the causes why children suffer from short stature are Chronic kidney insufficiency, Prader-Willi syndrome and Turner’s syndromefor girls.

In response to this, earlier physicians extracted somatropin or growth hormones from cadavers and turned them into HGH injections to be injected into kids with idiophatic short stature. This and other more advanced studies showed that children treated with HGH injections grew a few inches taller than the control group who were not given the treatment. A specific study even exhibited a 1.4 inch growth rate advantage for those who were treated with HGH injections.

Other Benefits of HGH injections on Kids

Several other studies showed that children who were given HGH injections also experienced improvements in appetite and reduction of body fat. hgh-injectionsSince human growth hormones are responsible for the metabolic processes of the body, the lack of this hormone slows down the functioning of the digestive system. HGH injections speed up the digestive processes and improve the fat-burning capability in kids. This will keep a child from developing obesity, a condition that haunts a lot of kids these days.

Expert Consultation before HGH Treatment

It is best for parents to first consult medical experts to evaluate the condition of their children before they decide on the treatment and dosage. The dosage of HGH injections to be taken depends the serverity of the child’s condition. If your child is suffering from growth hormone deficiency, the treatment may last for a longer period. It may even take up to two years of taking HGH injections. If your child, on the other hand, is not suffering from any GH condition, he can stop the HGH injection treatment after six months. In all cases, it is recommended to administer the HGH injections daily in order to replace the physiological structure of the child at a faster rate. Linear growth and metabolic processes are usually monitored for three to six months.

It is very important that experts be consulted before resorting to HGH injections. And just like all other drugs, HGH injections cannot be taken for a very long time. After all, they can only produce favorable effects on the growth rate of a child up to a certain age. Upon reaching the final acceptable height, HGH injections must be stopped.

September 10th, 2011

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The HCG diet – and what it does

Not too long ago, we decided to try out a few different diets that we had heard about online, as well as on television. This review is about our experience with the HCG diet, as developed by British doctor, Albert Simeons. For this trial, we used HCG drops purchased online, followed the prescribed HCG diet plan for the appropriate timeframe, and wanted to report our results. We also waited for about a month after the diet to report if we were actually able to keep the weight off.
What We Wanted
We were looking for diets that promised over-the-top results that we could not believe they could deliver. The HCG diet promises to help you lose lots of weight, quickly, just by following the plan and taking HCG drops or injections. They promise that you can lose up to a pound of weight a day (or more) if you stick with the plan long enough. We were a bit skeptical of that claim, but wanted to try it, none the less. We placed our orders and had the plan and the drops sent directly to our offices so we could get started.
What We Found
Surprisingly, we found that this diet truly worked. Granted, we did not reach the one pound per day loss mark. However, everyone in our office who stuck with this diet for the correct length of time did lose around 20 pounds, each. That is pretty significant, especially considering that many of these people were skeptical of this diet, at first, and that they have all tried other weight loss methods in the past. Many of the other online diets and weight supplements that they have used just have not worked for them. But this one did. And patients reported few side effects, and also that they did feel hungry while following the plan.
After the Diet
So what happened after the HCG diet? Did people gain all the weight back again? Was more gained back than was originally lost? Surprisingly, no! It seemed that, with a regular exercise plan and eating healthy after the diet, people found that the weight was pretty simple to keep off. However, if you return back to your old habits of unhealthy eating and no exercise at all, you can expect to gain most of the weight back, just like nearly any other diet. For many, it seemed the HCG diet was a great plan.

February 15th, 2011

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African Mango and its benefits in modern day dieting

In the days before pharmaceutical companies started making designer drugs to cure all our ills, people were forced to use natural ingredients in order to make themselves feel better. There are still natural ingredients used today for all sorts of different ailments, but the most common use for all of them at the moment seems to be directed towards the weight loss industry. One natural food source that has displayed weight loss properties is the African Mango, which is why you are probably seeing so many different supplements with that fruit listed on the bottle. african mangoThe big question that need to be asked is whether or not it is actually effective in doing what it says.
As is the case with any type of supplement, there are some that certainly seem to be more effective than others. In the case of the African mango, it seems that supplements which contain Irvingia Gabonensis seed extract are the ones that deliver the best results. Yes, that name is something of a mouthful, but it’s the name of a type of fruit tree found in parts of West and Central Africa. That is what you should be looking for when examining the ingredients of your African Mango supplement bottle.
What you need to understand is that the African Mango is not a magical weight loss solution, which means you need to actually know what it delivers in order to achieve results. The aforementioned seed extract works as a natural appetite suppressant, making you feel fuller more quickly and thus cutting out the likelihood of you reaching for those salty or sugary snacks between meals. The effect that the African Mango has on the stomach is that it slows down the speed at which food is digested. What that means is that there are longer stretches of time between hunger pangs.
You will also see that your blood sugar level will remain at normal levels when you take a daily African mango supplement. Much like the slower digestion levels, maintaining a normal blood sugar level is a great way to keep those hunger pangs at bay. One of the reasons people tend to gain weight is because they end up snacking between meals, oftentimes eating items that are nothing but empty calories just waiting to go directly to your waistline.
A good African Mango supplement will also help lower your bad cholesterol which, when combines with all the other benefits we mentioned, can lead to weight loss and better health. Before you decide to opt for an African Mango supplement, or any other weight loss aid for that matter, you should talk to your doctor first to make sure that you are physically able enough to start a weight loss program. It’s also important to check the ingredients of the African mango supplement you choose to ensure that it does in fact contain Irvingia Gabonensis seed extract that we spoke about earlier. Finding that ingredient will give you the best chance of weight loss success.