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R4i for Emulators and Nintendo 3DS
All of us enjoy a bit of retro once in a while, right? A good old classic movie we’ve seen several times, our favorite music from the past few years. For game enthusiast, the fun they were having while enjoying old games on their console and this can certainly be brought back through the help of the new R4i card, by way of utilizing the newest emulators. You will find an emulator for nearly every single game system that is classic. From the Nintendo Entertainment system, to the Super NES and everything else you can imagine. We all know that younger game enthusiast will not really appreciate the old classic video games that we used to play, but one thing is clear they were the best in those times when they were launched. Most, or maybe all the emulators run and operate at full speed. Letting you play your classic as they were meant to be played.

You know how the graphics can look choppy in the event you have ever used an emulator on your PC or MAC. It has a whole lot to do with the resolution on your screen. You won’t have this problem when you enjoy a game on the Nintendo 3DS, you will basically possess exactly the same crisp and clear images you had previously.

What other features does the R4i provide for the 3DS?

The list is endless. No list can makes up for really using the card on your Nintendo 3DS. We have had clients returning to us months after buying to let us understand they simply detected a remake of a game, or to let us know regarding the greatest and latest homebrew games they have been enjoying. The easiest way to experience everything that the R4i provides, is by powering your Nintendo 3DS up, and having your own personal card!

Published: September 29th, 2014 at 20:09
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