Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera

Samsung has been known to be a mobile phone company but Samsung also offers a slew of other products as well.

If you are looking for an IP camera, Samsung has that as well. In fact, in this article, I will talk about the Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera.

This is a very user-friendly IP camera that has a hassle-free installation procedure and it is best installed outside your home.

I will go over the features of the IP camera in this article. So, what makes the Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera special?

Well, for starters, the Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera is a bullet type IP camera that supports up to 1080p video resolution.

Gone are the days where you have to suffer from low video quality. Not only that but since the Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera can be installed outdoors, it is also weather resistant as well. It is IP66 compliant and is built to last.

After you’ve physically installed the IP camera, the setting up process is really very easy. All you need to do is download its companion app on the Google Play Store (if you’re using an Android phone) or the Apple app store (if you’re using an iPhone).

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will prompt you to input your camera’s serial no. After which, setting up the IP camera is done after a few taps on your mobile phone!

The companion app for the IP camera also allows you to access the IP camera at any time using a WiFI router or your mobile phone’s internet connection.

The Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera also comes with an impressive motion detection mechanism. If the camera detects that there is movement within its scope, you will then be notified by email or text message (depending on what you set in its companion app).

Furthermore, you can set the motion detection parameters yourself. You can also disable this feature entirely if you do not want it, although this feature is turned on by default.

Speaking of motion detection, the Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera also allows you to put specific motion select zones. These are areas where, if motion is detected, you will instantly be notified.

By default, if any motion is detected within its field of view, you will instantly be notified. If, however, you only want to cover specific zones and not everything in its range, then you can select up to three motion select zones.

For example, if you only want the IP camera to notify you if there is movement in the garage, for example, then you can set that using the companion app.

As for storage options, the Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera supports the use of a microSD card. There are many storage modes you can choose from. You can either select continuous recording for a non-stop recording session; recording at specific times of the day, and you can even set the IP camera to record at a set resolution (other than the default 1080p).

The Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera is an amazing IP camera. With a very easy installation and setup process, motion select zones, and a 1080p resolution support, the Samsung SNH-E6440BN IP Camera is one of the best budget IP cameras on the market.

Published: November 8th, 2016 at 8:40
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