System App Remover for Android

If you have a habit of rooting your Android mobile phone, then it is all the better. I root my Android phone because I want to try many things. You see, when you root your Android mobile phone, a whole new set of possibilities will be open to you.

You can install a new custom firmware, you can access deep files, and you can even install root apps that require specialized permissions.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about a root app that allows you to delete unwanted system apps. If you’re not going to be flashing a custom firmware, this app is highly recommended.

The app I am referring to is none other than the System App Remover for Android. This Android mobile phone app, as its name implies, removes System apps that you normally cannot remove when you’re not rooted.

For those of you who do not know, by rooting your Android mobile phone, you can now have the power to give administrator-level privileges to certain apps so that they can do what they are intended to do.

If you’re using a Samsung phone, for example, you will find that there are a lot of pre-installed bloatware. If you go to the Apps menu, you can find that you do not have the power to uninstall them (although, some apps can be uninstalled but not all).

The System App Remover for Android mobile phones does just that, removes any unwanted system apps. Now, you might not know which apps are safe to remove that is why this app has some handy notifications to allow you to know which apps can be safely uninstalled. The app will tell you notifications such as “Could Remove”, “Should Keep”, and “Key Module”. Obviously, you only want to remove apps that have the “Could Remove” notification.

Now, the System App Remover for Android mobile phones does more than just uninstall unwanted system apps; it also gives you a plethora of different features as well.

When you install new apps from the Google Play Store, chances are, those apps will be installed on your phone’s memory. Your phone’s memory might be in limited supply, so you want an option to move those apps to your SD card.

Thankfully, this app allows you to do just that. It can move apps to your SD card so that it will not take up precious phone space.

The System App Remover for Android also has an APK manager. APK files are Android app files that you can use to install new apps. By using the built-in APK manager, you can install APKs, search specific APKs, batch rename APKs, and so much more.

But the thing I want the most with the System App Remover for Android mobile phones is that it gives you the ability to backup and restore your apps. You can even batch uninstall apps so that you will save a lot of time when uninstalling a lot of unwanted applications.

The System App Remover for Android gets frequent updates and you can use your mobile phone’s internet connectivity to update it. If you want the update process to be smooth and complete, you can get a mobile phone signal booster.

The System App Remover for Android is a great root app and it is a must when you have a rooted Android mobile phone.

Published: April 11th, 2016 at 13:16
Categories: Android