The HCG diet – and what it does

Not too long ago, we decided to try out a few different diets that we had heard about online, as well as on television. This review is about our experience with the HCG diet, as developed by British doctor, Albert Simeons. For this trial, we used HCG drops purchased online, followed the prescribed HCG diet plan for the appropriate timeframe, and wanted to report our results. We also waited for about a month after the diet to report if we were actually able to keep the weight off.
What We Wanted
We were looking for diets that promised over-the-top results that we could not believe they could deliver. The HCG diet promises to help you lose lots of weight, quickly, just by following the plan and taking HCG drops or injections. They promise that you can lose up to a pound of weight a day (or more) if you stick with the plan long enough. We were a bit skeptical of that claim, but wanted to try it, none the less. We placed our orders and had the plan and the drops sent directly to our offices so we could get started.
What We Found
Surprisingly, we found that this diet truly worked. Granted, we did not reach the one pound per day loss mark. However, everyone in our office who stuck with this diet for the correct length of time did lose around 20 pounds, each. That is pretty significant, especially considering that many of these people were skeptical of this diet, at first, and that they have all tried other weight loss methods in the past. Many of the other online diets and weight supplements that they have used just have not worked for them. But this one did. And patients reported few side effects, and also that they did feel hungry while following the plan.
After the Diet
So what happened after the HCG diet? Did people gain all the weight back again? Was more gained back than was originally lost? Surprisingly, no! It seemed that, with a regular exercise plan and eating healthy after the diet, people found that the weight was pretty simple to keep off. However, if you return back to your old habits of unhealthy eating and no exercise at all, you can expect to gain most of the weight back, just like nearly any other diet. For many, it seemed the HCG diet was a great plan.

Published: September 10th, 2011 at 17:12
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