Using the R4 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a highly popular handheld gaming console. The console is designed to use cartridges to run different games. These cartridges are distributed and sold by Nintendo and their affiliates. Most of their revenue is derived from the sale of these video games and so they are very vigilant of any piracy issues. Due to the large scale piracy issues that affected the Nintendo DS, Nintendo have been extra careful in handling piracy affecting the Nintendo 3DS. Regular software updates are used to counter-piracy issues by fixing loopholes in the consoles’ security software usually exploited by flash carts.

What are a 3DS Flashcarts?

To run games on the 3DS console you are required to purchase a game cartridge. On the other hand, hackers discovered security loopholes in the Nintendo DS firmware that enables the use of a backup or downloaded copy of a game. All that is needed is a memory card or flash drive and most importantly an adapter that closely resembles a Nintendo 3Ds cartridge. Once a game is downloaded or backed up on the memory card the card is then inserted in the 3DS Flashcarts and then ran as a normal game cartridge.

Some Supported Features on 3DS Flashcarts

Most people use Flashcarts to run pirated games. All you need to do is to download a free game copy over the internet and store it in the memory card; then use the flash cart to run it. Other features of 3DS Flashcarts include, the ability to save and backup files, enabling region free gaming as well as multiple game compatibilities. There are multiple Flashcarts available for purchase depending on your preference when it comes to supported features.

As a great example of how 3DS Flashcarts work, the R4 3DS cards are used to enable among others playing music, movies and videos on the Nintendo 3DS. For those who like retro gaming the card also enables the use of emulators to run retro games from consoles such as Gameboy and Genesis on your portable console. This is a welcome alternative to the limited classic games offered officially by Nintendo. R4 3DS cards are a major hit due to the retro gaming feature that allows many users enjoy retro games that they played in their childhood.

Most 3DS Flashcarts are provided with relevant customer support. This is important especially in keeping up with the constant Nintendo system security updates. This support is designed to ensure that owners of the flash carts continue to enjoy using the cards while at the same time getting updates from Nintendo that are essential for game play. For instance most purchased new games come with an updated version that can render the 3DS Flashcarts unusable; the customer support for the card will update the card’s firmware to enable continued use of the card.

Published: May 20th, 2013 at 19:22
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