Every couple’s love life can get a little stale after a while. The stress of everyday life can grind our sensibilities down and make us a bit, let’s say lazy and uncreative in the bedroom. A lot of couples tend to play the blame game here and this tends to spiral out into very negative discussions which, instead of improving their love life, damage it even further.


It’s amazing how little things can put our love life back on the right track with very little effort. We’re going to discuss a few types of clothing that can put some spice back into your love potion.


  1. Uniforms

They say women love men in uniform. Well, it turns out that men also love women in uniform. There are really a lot of directions which you can take this in and the best course of action is to talk it out with your partner. A great love life is about reciprocity – you give some to get some (pun intended). Some classics include:


For women:



-School uniform

– Stewardess


For men:






Still, don’t rely on classics alone. Talk about it and make it a bit more personal. Hell, you can both dress up – the soldier meets a sexy nurse makes for some fun role-playing.


  1. Cosplay

Everyone is a part of one or more fandom these days. There are a lot of very popular movie and TV show franchises out there with some pretty attractive characters. Fulfilling your partner’s fantasy of getting seduced by one of their favorite characters could be the turn on you are looking for. One of the classic examples is the Princess Leia costume but anything goes here.


  1. High Heels

Well, it’s like this – it’s quite amazing what some high heels do to a female body. They elongate the legs, makes your butt curve out a bit more, and work wonders on your confidence. Men usually love these and putting on some great looking high heels, especially stilettos, can make a regular old outfit look irresistible. Of course, once the clothes start flying off, you should attempt to keep your shoes on – for a while at least.


  1. Lingerie

When it comes to clothing and your love life, sometimes less is more. Great lingerie can make the blood boil very fast but you don’t just want to go for any old thing. Pick out something that is very provocative and revealing to make your man go wild just from looking at you walking around the bedroom.


You don’t even have to go with wearing just lingerie – you can also go for a revealing outfit that the implies intricate and sensual undergarments hidden beneath. Teasing helps with pleasing.


  1. Invest in your birthday suit

In some situations, you, your partner or both of you might not be satisfied with how you look without your clothes on. This can be a major source of insecurity and make your bedroom play clumsy, awkward, and anxious.


Again, don’t play the blame game here. This is something that you can and should absolutely work on! You’ll look better, feel better, have a more potent libido, and, on top of that, be healthier. Still, don’t just rely on dieting to resolve your issues. Eat well but exercise better!


This is something that takes a while but here’s what’s going to happen while you progress through your training regimen. The first signs of body improvement are going to show within a couple of weeks and you and your partner are just going to get hotter from there on.


Be supportive of one another and you’ll never want to go back to being unathletic. And you know what they say: Sex is a great motivator.



We hope you liked our tips. Now go out there are try them out! Have fun and try not to be too self-conscious about it. Talk about it, get the stuff you want and start experimenting. If some things don’t work for you two, who gives a damn – there are tonnes of others that might work.


Don’t make a fuss about it, realize that all couples face these issues from time to time and try to have fun while you do it.