Have you been called the dreaded “pizza face”? Tired of dry patches on your skin and unsightly grease spots? It may be time for you to take your skin care into your own hands. Having flawless skin is not an accident and many people go to great lengths to achieve the “natural” look. But how do you know what works? Included here are a few tips to achieving flawless skin on a daily basis.


Increase Your Nutrition

“You are what you eat” never applies more than to your skin. There is a direct correlation between what your body consumes and what it produces. Poor diet is one of the leading causes of skin problems and poor complexion. Take in nutrient-dense food and your overall health, including your skin, will benefit from it!


Cut Back on Cleanser

Many people believe their skin is breaking out because it is dirty. In reality, those heavy-hitting cleansers and chemicals could be doing more damage to your skin than help. Try avoiding heavy cleansers and instead clean your skin with soft cloths, milks or gels. Aim for naturally produced cleansers as opposed to chemicals that claim to “dissolve dirt.”


Quit Using Toner

Originally intended to balance the pH balance of your skin, toner is unnecessary if you make other adjustments in your skincare regimen. Harsh cleansers are the reason your skin is stripped of its natural pH balance; take out the cleansers and you no longer need toner. Using toner unnecessarily will cause your skin to dry out even more.


Go Fragrance-Free

All of those extra chemically produced scents are unnecessary for people who bathe daily. Trust that you smell clean and cut back on heavily aromatic facial cleansers. Choose options that say “fragrance-free” to avoid those damaging chemicals accessing your delicate skin.


Make Your Moisturizer Multitask

Moisturizers are like armor for your face. Choose a moisturizer that boasts naturally-derived ingredients and you will benefit from the antioxidant boost. Naturally derived moisturizers may also contain the beneficial bioflavanoids not found in synthetically-produced moisturizers.


Savor Sunscreen

With modern culture obsessed with the sun-kissed tan look, it is easy to understand why you are avoiding sunscreen. Unfortunately, all of those sunbathed beauties are going to be looking mighty splotched and wrinkled in a few years. Take care of your skin by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen and check out the Environmental Working Group’s page to find those that utilize safe ingredients.



One of the things contributing to your less-than-ideal skin situation is your larger-looking pores. When pores become clogged with dirt and oil they appear larger than they really are. A great way to combat this large pore syndrome is by exfoliating the skin every other day.


Keep Skin Hydrated

A great way to boost the health and natural glow of your skin is to consume greater amounts of vitamin C. Another thing necessary for that health is good hydration. Consume a lot of water but also splash cold water on your face each time you use the restroom. A light moisturizer in the evening and morning can also help seal in that moisture and help you avoid dry patches.