When most people think of art, they think of a painting, a sculpture or maybe they even think of a piece of music. Because art encompasses so many things it can be difficult to grasp how many small units fit into that big umbrella.


An artist can be more than just a painter. A fashion designer and a makeup artist are both artists. They both use shapes and colors to make something go from nothing to something beautiful. They create.


The Art Of Fashion


The person that designs the clothes you wear is an artist. They begin by sketching those clothes out in a notebook. They sculpt the fabric onto a mannequin to create the perfect design before someone sews it all together.


Then the art is worn by models onto the runway, an art show on legs. Just like strolling through an art gallery, the last step before the clothing art is in the consumer/art lovers hands is when you go to the store to pick out the latest fashions for your own closet.


The Art Of Makeup


Unlike the term “fashion design,” makeup is actually referred to as makeup artistry. There are different types of makeup artistry, from fashion makeup to FX makeup (all the scary creatures you see in movies and on TV).


Even the most subtle application of makeup is art, however, there are ways to make it more dramatic. Just take a look at runway models or fashion ads in the latest fashion magazine.


Fashion And Beauty In Art


Now that you can see how beauty and fashion work their way into the world of art, it pays to take notice of the way humans are depicted in art, in all their glorious beauty. One way to do that is to take a moment to look at an artist that had a great talent for capturing beauty on canvas.


A recent post on Park West Gallery’s art blog shares the story and works of artist Steve Hanks, who passed away this year. Hanks had an amazing grasp of the human form, and specialized in paintings of both women and children. His watercolor paintings capture reality with every stroke.


Not only does life imitate art, but art can have an amazing way of showing life through paintings, sketches and sculptures of the human form. Not only do people use their own bodies as a canvas, but the beauty of the human body can be transferred to canvas as well.

So, the next time you get dress or put on your makeup, remember that someone created art for you and that you are also creating art at that very moment! That’s definitely one way to turn everyone into an artist.