Stockholmers are a trendy type of person, with comfort mainly the preferred choice over style; but somehow they can look smart while they are wearing comfy clothes. But why do natives prefer to put comfort first?

The public transport is excellent and a great way to get around. However, the best way to truly experience a city is on foot. Stockholm is large and that in turn means that there will be a lot of walking- good and comfy walking shoes are a must.


Also, due to the cobbled streets around Gamla Stan, I would say to stay well clear of wearing heels if you have plans to go around the famous old streets.


Meanwhile, if you’re planning a winter trip, bring along some very sturdy shoes. From November through till March you can expect the ground to be covered in ‘slask.’ This is merely an uncomfortable and slippery mix of melted snow and grit. It keeps you from falling over, but it will leave its mark on your footwear.


Stockholm is a very desirable location for a weekend or a more extended break. It is that cool that there are no rules when it comes to how you dress. In most European cities when a nightclub or restaurant says to dress smart, you will be expected to wear a suit complete with a tie. That is not the case in Stockholm- in fact, it’s very rare you see anybody wearing a suit.


Smart in Stockholm, generally means ‘smart casual’, and by that term, they mean jeans with a polo shirt or shirt. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear a suit jacket or tie like you’re about to try online blackjack. Online casinos are popular within Sweden, mainly down to their lack of real casinos.


This is even the case with work clothing. So don’t be expecting to wear a suit frequently if you work in the city. Bosses believe that as long as the clothing that is worn was comfy, that is when your work will excel the most.


This also transcends to life outside of work. It’s very rare that you see women in dresses or men in dinner suits- unless they are attending a wedding.


It’s true, there are various free things to do in Stockholm, and a free walking tour is one of them. I would recommend doing all the free stuff in Stockholm as they are all something that you would happily pay for once you have finished. The walking tour could be the pick of the bunch and is the perfect city experience.


The tours are available in a range of language and will take you to the main sites of the capital. Tours start daily at 10 am in Gamla Stan and last for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Of course, as with any other “free” tour, tips are appreciated by your guide, but the price is up to you. Tours run all year round, make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. The best options are Stockholm Free Tours or Free Walking Tour Stockholm.


As always, check the company’s website for the full schedules.