The manicure, or, gives the nails and the hands a neat appearance, all in discretion. No flamboyant red, but polished and varnished nails for a refined elegance. Here are three tips to succeed in your home manicure without difficulty and become an expert in nail art.

Manicure: a good base

Before starting your manicure, it is important to prepare it. We wash our hands and dry them. Then we push back and cut the cuticles, then we polish the nails and we file them to give them a nice shape and homogeneity of length. We can then start the manicure itself by placing a transparent base on the nails. This base must dry well before continuing. By soaking his fingers in a bowl of cold water, the drying time is decreased. With komilfo by your side, the deals are essential now.

Manicure: put the white line

If the manicure is one of the trends of the manicure, it is not always obvious to place the white line at the edge of the nails. Two techniques: either white varnish is placed on the inside of the index finger and then one rolls one’s nails on it to make a transfer, or one applies scotch on the part of the nail which must remain neutral and one deposits with the brush the white varnish. Both techniques have proven themselves in the world of nail art.

Manicure: the top coat

The base and the white varnish are not enough for the beauty of the nails. It is necessary to protect the nail and perfect the manicure with a top coat, that is to say a clear, colorless varnish or the color of the nails. This one has a protective role, but also gives a natural appearance to the manicure. It is allowed to dry well before handling anything.

To beautify your nails, women can use different treatments and apply several techniques. This year, the trend is turning to Nail Art. The latter makes it possible to personalize the hands with the help of some drawings, by the installation of stickers or by the mixture of several colors of varnish.

The steps to follow to succeed a Nail Art

The nail decoration does not always require the intervention of a specialist manicure. The ladies and damsels can achieve this feat at home. For this, they must follow the techniques used by the professionals of the manicure.

To have sublime nails, the woman must start by cleaning her fingers by the use of a brush, a suitable solution and a bowl of water.

Once the cleaning is complete, the lady can start beautifying her hands. First, it is necessary to apply the base varnish. His success results from the way of handling the brushes. It is advisable to crush them a little to cover a huge area. If the result is impeccable, the laying of the second layer can be started. If the product exceeds the cuticles, the error can be rectified with a stiff bristle brush. This material must be soaked in solvent to act.When the varnish has dried well, the girl can decorate her nails with different forms of decoration in relief.