Humans want to look good. And we’re always looking for new ways to do it. If you’re trying to get better at looking great, you’ve probably read some books and watched a thousand Youtube tutorials. But there’s only so many hours you can spend working on your look in the mirror. While you can achieve great things this way, you’ll still only have your own face to work with. You’ll acquire skills, but they might not translate to other people. If beauty or handsomeness is your passion, you may be a good candidate for Marinello Beauty School. It’s a trade school with a long history (more than 100 years) of providing the best skills in beauty and grooming that exist on the planet. Here are some reasons why I think this is a good idea.

  • Cosmetology Gets You Experience Fast. In just 4 short semesters, you will get thousands of hours of experience in the real world. Cosmetology school hooks you up with people looking for a cheap haircut, shave, manicure, or makeup application. You’ll have the chance to work with all kinds of people, trying to achieve all kinds of looks. This is experience that most people only get on-the-job. But many people can’t get said job without going to cosmetology school first. If beauty is something you love more than anything else, cosmetology school may be the best and only way to develop the kind of skills you need to create beauty in the world.
  • Cosmetology School is Affordable. Working in this industry is something that will rarely get you rich. That’s not the point. People do this because they love it. And cosmetology school is designed to get you real skills without giving you school debt that will hang over your head for the rest of your life. Like many trade schools, Marinello can be completed in two years or less. You won’t have to pay for housing or expensive textbooks like you would at a traditional university (not that trade schools aren’t traditional…they might be the MOST traditional). Rather, you’ll be getting the benefit of guided practice. Your teachers will know how to do the stuff you’ll need to know to make it in this industry, and they’ll be able to give you focused attention that imparts real abilities.
  • Cosmetology School is Accessible. Marinello has more than 60 locations in the United States alone. It’s likely that there’s one near you. This has a lot to do with Marinello’s low costs. Rather than maintaining and investing in one central location, they have lots of small locations located near their students, to maximize accessibility and lower cost. This is the great thing about trade schools in general. They are meant to be a part of individual communities, feeding skilled workers back into the communities that support them in the first place. It’s a format that is very important for America, which has lost lots of skilled workers like the ones that emerge from cosmetology schools. With the liberal arts/student loan model crumbling for most of us, it’s time to reconsider the trades. Vocational school can give you the skills to do something you love, for the good of someone you know. That’s a big part of what it means to enjoy life as a human being, and you can get there with trade school.

Going to beauty school will give you a lot of different skills, depending on what it is you want to know. You can learn about barbering, makeup, nails, women’s hair, and every other aspect of human appearance. If this sounds like something you want to do, you should do it.