Like it or not, the fashion industry moves in trends. In other words, what might be utterly stylish one week, certainly isn’t guaranteed to remain the same the following.

Unless you are glued to the style magazines, this means that you can easily fall off trends. While we can’t guarantee that you will capture each and every trend that dons the catwalks, we’ve put this guide together to at least help you along your way. Let’s now take a look at some of the top tips to stay on trend in the modern-day era.

Tip #1 – Have a go-to list of shops

First and foremost, you need a list of shops that are always going to have your back. A trip to Covent Garden will result in a long list of these being put together, and having this list will mean that you always have somewhere to turn, regardless of the occasion.

The basis of this list is finding a good fit. As everyone knows, the same size classification can be actually be a lot different between stores, and it’s up to you to find those that fit your body the best. Find a store that will always supply garments that fit you, regardless of the occasion, and you’ll be over the first hurdle.

Tip #2 – Follow stylish women on social media

Through the power of social media, this has become easier than ever before. In short, you need to be following those who are already completely on-trend. Instagram is a great start for this, and you’ll quickly be able to notice as soon as a trend dips in and out of season. Gone are the days where you have to buy each and every fashion magazine, or watch all of the fashion shows.

Tip #3 – Arm yourself with the basics

A lot of people believe that the most stylish women in the world are completely armed with wow-garments (more on these later). While this sometimes might be the case, something which is truer is that they take pride in the basics. They have the simple white top, the simple jeans and simple pullover that can just integrate with anything to work a treat.

Of course, finding these basics in the first place is an art in itself. Once you have them, and again they must fit perfectly, you will find it easier than ever before to pull together outfits on the fly.

Tip #4 – Have a wow-outfit in your locker

Following on from the above, you have to go the other extreme as well. In other words, make sure you have a wow-outfit lurking around. This is something that you won’t turn to often, but even if it’s once per year it will have been worth the planning. One of the biggest fashion fails of all is that women rush their fashion choices. Plan your wow-outfit a long time in advance and this won’t be an issue.