Let’s face it: dressing fashionably is expensive. From the haircut to the designer jeans and the Italian shoes, it takes a lot to look good. Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great, but there are a few things that are truly worth their weight in gold. There are some staple pieces of a man’s wardrobe that really should cost more than $20. So to help keep you out of debt by splurging on every piece that goes into your closets, here are three things that you should splurge on while saving on the rest.


A Classic, Tailored Suit


A suit is to women as lingerie is to men. This logic alone should be enough to show you why it’s worth it to spend a decent amount of money on a suit. And because most men don’t wear fancy suits on a regular basis, a nice suit can last you for years and years.


Calum Marsh of Esquire recommends looking for suits that are blue or grey when looking to purchase your one expensive suit. Black isn’t as versatile as blue or grey, giving you more options for dressing your suit for a wide variety of occasions and getting the most out of your purchase.


Marsh also advises making sure that the shoulders of the suit fits you right. You can either get a suit custom-made to fit perfectly or get it tailored to save some money.


High-End Cufflinks


While cufflinks might not seem like something you would want to splurge on, a great set of cufflinks can really set you apart from all the other men. A traditional emblem of elegance and sophistication, cufflinks can now be worn either with a full out suit or more casually with business attire.


To get a high quality and long lasting set of cufflinks, Dalys 1895 suggests looking for cufflinks made from either precious steel or gold. These classic materials will work great with any style of suit, coat or jacket.


An All-Season Coat


Depending on the climate in which you live, you may be wearing a coat for seven months out of the year or two months out of they year. But when you’re having to wear your coat, that will be the first and most eye-catching thing people see when they look at you, making it vital that you spend the time and money to get the perfect coat.


Unlike other articles of clothing, you can wear the same coat every day for months and never be participating in a fashion faux pas. But to make sure you’re always happy and comfortable in your coat, Farah Averill of AskMen.com advises men to look for coats made of wool or cashmere in a knee-length, button-up style. She also states that the best and most versatile colors to choose for your staple coat are camel, black, grey or navy.


If you’re short on cash but are determined to look your best, take comfort in knowing that you can get away with only spending a large amount of money on a few items of clothing while still maintaining a great sense of style.